If you are pretty new to NFTs, this can be intimidating!
Use this page to get step by step instructions to mint your first blockchainsmoker!

Prepare a wallet

In order to mint, you'll need a wallet. This holds both the ETH currency (ether) but also any NFTs you own.

The easiest to get started is metamask. If you don't have a metamask wallet, follow their tutorial to create one. Another good option is rainbow: a mobile wallet.

Fund your wallet

Minting requires paying with some ether (ETH). The cost is broken down into 2 types:

  1. NFT minting cost: this is set to 0.02 eth for the blockchainsmokers.
  2. Gas fees: everything that modifies the blockchain requires gas. Think of it as paying to use the global ethereum computer.

You should make sure you have enough for both of these. For 1 blockchainsmoker, a safe number is 0.05 eth (note that gas fees change constantly, you can track them here). My recommendation is to wait for the gas fees to be < 70 gwei.

To fund your wallet, there are many options, but typically one uses a crypto exchange to swap USD for ether. A popular choice in the USA is coinbase, and in Europe binance.

If you are using the rainbow wallet, you can fund directly with apple pay.


Minting is an operation where you permanently create an NFT and your wallet becomes the sole owner of it. Think of it as the opportunity to print a collectible card for the first (and only) time, as opposed to trading it or buying it from someone once it's already been printed (=minted).

To do this: go to the mint page. For advanced users, you can interact with our verified contract directly.

  1. Connect your wallet. You can do this by clicking the "connect wallet" button on the page. This will prompt the wallet confirmation pop-up to sign-in (this is a free action).
  2. Select how many blockchainsmokers you want to mint. You can pick 1 to 20 in one transaction. If you want more than one, you save gas fees by minting them in one single transaction.
  3. Click "Mint", this will confirm the transaction in metamask (which will tell you the gas fees cost).

Viewing your new NFT(s)

If the transaction was successful, you can now view your NFTs on the my-collection page or on any NFT viewing application, like Opensea.